Powerful Optical Lens Software Tool for the Eyewear Professional

VirtualLens 3D is a collection of optical lens calculators that are integrated into a powerful 3D rendering engine. Practically every lens blank and Rx parameter can be modified providing a powerful workspace to try complex 'what if?' scenarios before ordering or fabricating an actual lens. Follow the links below to learn more about some of the many features in the VirtualLens 3D desktop application, or check out the complete list of features.

Lens Thickness

Side-by-side lens thickness comparison of any Rx. Measure lens thickness at any point on the lens.
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VirtualLens 3D Calipers
Transposing an Rx Calculator

Transpose an Rx

It is easy to transpose any Rx to plus or minus cylinder whether you use a calculator or not...
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Rx Prism

There are many ways to express Rx prism. You can easily convert between the three different prism notations in VirtualLens 3D.
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Express prism in many ways
Compensated Power Calculator

Compensated Power

VirtualLens 3D makes it easy to compute the compensated power for a vertex distance that is different from what was prescribed.
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Lens Colors and Coatings

Demonstrate anti-reflective coatings, lens tints, and photochromic lenses by superimposing the virtual lenses over an image of the frame wearer.
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Aseikonic Lens Calculator

Spectacle Magnification (SM)

Use Spectacle Magnification to calculate parameters for aseikonic lenses.
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Measurements from an Image

Using frame tracer data and by adjusting frame properties such as pantoscopic tilt and wrap, you can accurately take P.D. and fitting height measurements from an image of the frame wearer.
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All Lens Properties are Saved to a Database

Database Driven

All calculations are based on real lens blank data and all data libraries are fully customizable.
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